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Mohammed arrived in Brussels aged 13 and was already admiring the school where he dropped his nephews off and where he dreamed of entering. A series of «coincidences» led him having "life ahead", as well as the hero of the novel written by Romain Gary!

Currently managing Director of Mia Trading, Mohammed Mechbal's company distributes throughout Belgium and abroad the products that are part of everyday life, namely dried fruit, semolinas, pistachios, spices, olives, dried pulses, dates, and Bouraza tea adorned with his image...

"Yet, I got into the food business by chance again. In fact, a cousin asked me to manage a warehouse with him. Then I left at that time the Youth Office, where I was an educator. In 1985, I started my import trade. Besides, in 1995, it was the end of custom barriers in Europe. The market opened, but with some tough competition.

I was the first, in the community, to structure trade relations, to have business cards, create brands for the products, to directly import Chinese tea, then give it a picture, mine, and a name, Bouraza, known as the turban of the "blue men", called Tuareg."

Mia International SA
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it only copies "Large"

Its teeming market, Now Mohammed Mechbal must face copies and piracy of his own products, which is clearly the recognition of his success, because deep down, it only copies the "Large ",it is with sparkling eyes and a candid smile that Mr Mechbal tells us his story, Strength optimistic. 

He also talks with enthusiasm and commitment about actions he supports in sport, education and culture for young and disadvantaged people, organizing events whose profits go entirely to associations; a concern which is also reflected in his team.

Mia International SA team

A concern also applies to his team."Mia International SA employs 23 people. The team is clearly multicultural: Belgians, Indians, Peruvians, Portuguese, Moroccan, Polish... all of them work in our ethnic food segment." His new goal is to regulate the market of halal food by FASCFC inspections. "For us, it is very important, especially at a time when large retailers are selling our products." The ingredients of Mr Mechbal's success are his commercial team, distributors, and his successful products, which also allow him to devote himself to a new passion: aged 55 years, Mohammed began to grow his own garden. Now he can admire growing there so many flowers as he has planted in his life.

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